Sunday, January 8, 2012

"progress not perfection..." a copout?

     It seems to me that in the early days of recovery I adhered to the process of; "...progress not perfection..." most of the time to justify my lack of recovery in a particular area.

     I am now wondering if I did this as a "cop-out" during this phase of recovery.  Each time my sponsor or one of you group members would "jack me up" about a particular character defect I had been working on less than diligently I would retort; " says progress not perfection" and I now know I meant "go away and leave me alone I like suffering".

     After all I came to the process of recovery the king of excuses and cop-outs, I had an excuse for everything.  I would lie about anything and usually did.  When the truth was the best way I would still lie, sounds pathological right?  It was.  I would use the statement; "progress not perfection" as a shield or club, whichever fit the best in the moment.

     Today I choose to stay in Reality or The Present Moment, whichever you choose.  I have decided that the "easier softer way" is in fact the way of Truth and honesty.  Born of the conviction that "IT" is always my source, I know I can say, do, face any situation in a given moment.  There is no need to hide out away from life.  Nothing is scary today.

     Today when people I sponsor opt to use this line one me, I simply remind them that "now" is so much better than later to tackle change in their lives.  They do not have be in pain and suffer, all they need to do is live life in Reality and in The Present Moment, for that is where The Divine resides.

     Am I certain that I have this process down pat today? No.  If I were perfect in every way the Great Reality or IT would not need me here on earth to demonstrate His/Her Love.  I believe that I am the arms and feet of a Heavenly Father and IT uses me and all my trappings of life to teach others.  Better  I should do the footwork and "pass it on".

Love and Light