Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Black and White or Shades of Gray?

   In past months I have been trying to bring a few trains of thinking together as one.  I mean, well isn't it good to be of "one Mind"?  For some reason this molding of thoughts is just not working.

    I have that train of thinking which I endeavor to stay in while acting within the constraints of "my program" aka.  "The Program".  That set of thinking has evolved to be pretty much black and white.  I either do or I don't.  I either drink or I don't.  I either believe in God or I don't.  I either love or I don't.
I either am or I am not.  Yup, pretty much black and white.  Mind you, this style of thinking at times is really not easy given a present moment.

    For example; I think, feel and express love for my loved ones.  There is no doubt in my collective thinking that I do not love them  Given emotional make-up or life circumstances in a moment I have had thoughts of less that "pure love".  It usually is something like; "grrrrrrrrrrrr "They...".  Love DOES NOT think like that.  A neurotic dis-eased human can though.  Black and white?  Nope.  Several shades of gray in all that thinking.

   The thinking that goes along with my teaching of taichi or qi gong should also be black and white.  Either I am dealing in "my energy" or I am not.  This can be such a trap for me.  While teaching am I into my energy or assessing (aka. judging others) efforts?  Dangerous thinking for a recovering neurotic of my flavor.  A set of thinking I really make and effort to stay away from.  I teach, they learn.  That's it.  They learn right or they learn wrong.  For me that works.

    While putting together the thoughts for this blog item it came to me that "black and white" thinking really is possible.  The trick is for me to stay firmly and fondly fixed in the Present Moment.  There can only be one thought in one moment at one time.  While the brain is so fast I am still dealing in a single event or a single Present Moment.

    Today at my Home Group we read a passage from "Around the Year" by Dr. Emmet Fox that spoke of; " ye therefore perfect as your Father in heaven is...".  I came to understand that this can occur in ONLY once instance, a Present Moment.  When I am in "constant contact" with God on a given moments basis, I am indeed "Perfect" spiritually and yessss, indeed into single thinking of a black and white nature.

    God is...I Am.  Two thoughts which are in balance and just for me represent the best of single mind or "black and white" thinking.  I don't really need to reformat my trains of thinking, just pay attention to the present moment and go with "what comes naturally".

    What say you readers?

Love and light