Friday, May 8, 2015

There is always more...

     To answer the question posed by the name of this blog series, the answer is a "resounding yes".

     I understand that today I am the product of many years experience in so many ways.  This means that my thought processes are the result of many years of thinking and doing.  These processes have been dynamic all my life with the exception of many days, weeks, months, and years of addiction.

     In the Present Moment I operate under the idea that once again or at least most of the time I am once again a dynamic entity.  It is here that I have recently witnessed what I hope is a dynamic process that I will emulate in my life should it be necessary.  That process is one of grief, sorrow possible depression based on a loss in my life and then the resurrection of mind and life.

    I have been so privileged to be exposed to so many wonderful people both in and out of the rooms of recovery.  I have recently been witness and a part of a beautiful pair of souls that have  suffered a tragic and unexpected loss in their family.  They are not young people and not "recovery" people.  Yet they are both considered by the community as very powerful, centered, aware and mindful persons.  It has been with amazement and wonder that I have witnessed the above process of "being knocked down" in life and then rising up to even greater heights.  These two souls as far as I am concerned are the examples that I seek always of how to live life in a congruent manner.  They are the living proof to me that is; "always more down deep within us we can call upon".

     While it is was evident and apparent at the time of calamity that both of these individuals have suffered a deep and horrible loss of life close to them, it was just as apparent that they would call upon the reserve if Spirit and loving energy they have been cultivating all their adult lives.  I was astounded at how quickly these two souls turned their thoughts and actions towards helping others that had also suffered the loss.  Their focus immediately turned to "helping others" via the Spirit of their lives.  This is a process that I all to often forget not having very many calamities going on in my life lately.  

   This example of how to become congruent not only with the principles of the 12 step programs but also those life practices that have been around of eons and ingrained many individuals all their lives has been just what I need and needed.  I am so grateful to these two wonderful people that they allow me to dart in their lives and witness that magnificent transformation from sorrow to acceptance and on to joy and celebration of life, moment by moment.  This situation serves the purpose of demonstrating to me and those surrounding these two precious souls what I like to think is the adage; "...practice these principles in all your affairs" even when and especially when it hurts so bad.

For my two blessed friends I offer the only solace and comfort that I know in the form of scripture; 

"so do not fear, for I Am with you; do not be dismayed, for I Am you God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you..." Isaiah 41:10

Love and light, richard