Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Three words that have saved my life !

   Nearly 25 years ago I booked time and met with my sponsor at that time to discuss what I thought was a monumental, ongoing and not so good problem I had been toying with for a long time.  During that meeting he was able to share with me his experience, strength and hope in a  manner I was not accustomed to.  He kept using 3 words that an ego driven guy like me did not comprehend.  Those words were; "I don't know!".

   The following article was written based upon that meeting and I hope it rings true to many who read this.  I know now that his concept and degree of honesty was based upon his love for me as a fellow human being.  This sharing was to help me shape my own destiny and repeat his sage sharing to many since that time.  This article first appeared in the Christ Church Unity Orlando monthly newsletter.

The Proverbial Inside Job!
A date with my Sponsor

          I had mulled over, viewed, reviewed, thought of and peered at my problem as much as I could.  No resolution is in sight.  This is a tough one and obviously one for my most powerful confidant, counselor and mentor.  That person I have sought out in life to help me when I am unable or do not want to solve my own problems.

          This guy always has the answers.  Why not?  He is over 8 decades old, is an ex “flyboy” from WWII, partial pioneer of a national banking operations system and has lived through a “recovery of the soul” for over 30 years.  This guy has been through it all and is wise beyond words.  I was never sure what God had up His sleeve when he paired us two together.

          So off to a mentoring session I go.  Questions and answers all lined up in my head.  Ready to lay it all out for him in my articulate manner so he could readily and easily grasp what I was up against.  It never dawned on me that after all the mental work I had been through with this current “crisis de jour” that maybe the answer had been staring me in the face all along and I couldn’t or wouldn’t see it.

          All the small talk is finished and here we go!  I start with my most convincing and eloquent explanation first.  Now I have “looked” at this problem from every angle and I can’t see any resolution whatsoever.  Forging ahead quickly I followed that verbal volley with “it is impossible for me to see how I am going to resolve this predicament, particularly since “they don’t want to see things my way””.  “Oh, “they” would be the other party in my problem that isn’t seeing things my way”.  Ah, I can sense a change in his posture.  Here it comes, I can feel it.  The answers to my problem are imminent.

          “Well” he says, “I don’t know”.  Wait!  What did my guru say?  “I don’t know”?  Although my mind went into a self induced tailspin he continues.  “It has not been my experience.  I just don’t have an answer for you.”  Hey come on!  I put a lot of effort into paying attention to this guy.  Where does he get off saying he has no answers?  That is not exactly how I thought this was going to go. I know, replay the problem to him in a different set of words and manner and maybe he will see this “tough nut” for what it is.

          There, finished reiterating my current life dilemma, now he should see it clearly.  I have taken special pains to explain this anguishing situation so even he can get it.  Now I can rest a second and see how this will set with him.  Oh, oh.  I once again am hearing, “Don’t know.  Not my experience”. “Really can’t help you with this one”.  At this rate I am going to have to solve this life situation all by myself.  Two more times I endeavor to make this gentle man see where I am coming from.  I am getting the same response each time.  “I don’t know.  Not my experience”.  I think this is where I am supposed to be quiet and think.  It sure appears that is what I need to do.  I am running out of ways to explain to him that “they” just aren’t doing what I need. 

          Somewhere along the line I had shared with this dear soul my thoughts on a piece of scripture.  Saint Paul writes in his letter to the Ephesians; “…by the power at work within us is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think…” (Eph 3:20).  I had pondered this tiny bit of wisdom before but was never ever able to fit a life situation to it for an experiential event.  I think my dear friend just moved me in the direction of an event which I was to grow from.  By him being loving and honest and only sharing that which he has experience of, he has lovingly forced me to look inside and see if I didn’t possess an answer that would fit better  than his “I don’t know” statements.

         Of course he has once again done the right thing.  I do have an answer that is “far more abundant than all I ask or think”.  It had been there all along.   I simply needed to let this individual love and nurture me towards the Spirit within in a manner which I would accept.  He is such a crafty dear man.  All of a sudden it dawns on me that I need to get up, leave and go about my life and utilize the solution to my problem which was there all along. 

          I think the higher lesson today was to continue to look inside as Paul urged the Ephesians.  I must remember that the Spirit of Life is always there to provide answers to more than I can think of or ask.  I guess the trick is to get my ego to not only look at, but also accept those answers.  Wow!  I think in his simplistic loving way, this long time friend of mine might be an “ego slayer!”  I certainly know by now what his response to that statement would be; “I don’t know.  Not been my experience”.  Hmm, seems this may be a spiritual philosophy I need to remember.  Let’s see, “I don’t know”.  That is one phrase which will definitely take some getting used to. 

I know now and try to remember just how powerful these three words are and that they most likely did cause me to totally re-think my problem and therefore change my thinking.  It is my belief that these three words from this wise old man did in fact save my life.

Love and Light