Friday, January 10, 2014

"When does change stop?"

    Over the last decades I have often wondered if life would ever settle down to the point that it would become steady, non-changing.  I have now formed the opinion that, "nope, ain't gonna happen".

     The largest reason I can seem to come up with is that I have decided for me, and only me, that God, God as I understand "IT" is; omnipresent, omniscient, omniactive and omnipotent.  That means, IT always is and always will be in each and every present moment.

     That leads me to the conclusion that God, IT, represents constant change and is always present, active, powerful and intelligent.  So change must be in process over all moments of time.  At the cellular level I am certainly an evolving changing entity.

     It now reasons out that change is "all good" since it is representative of IT and IT is always all good.  That also leads me to think that when I start looking for a "quiet or non-changing" period that I am in the midst of some form of life disturbance.  Rather than working my through that I simply try to by-pass the effort and just look for "no change", quietness.

     All this thinking on change also brings me to the conclusion that I live deep within the "illusion", more than I suspected ever.  This may need some critical thinking on my part....hmmm critical thinking...always changing, ever evolving?

     This is where I get off this merry go round.  Any thoughts ?  Ideas?  Comments?

Love and Light