Monday, June 13, 2011

"What or who" is in charge of my mind?

    I often wonder what faction is in control of my mind.  Is it "who" which is my humanity and the committee or the "What" which is the Divine of Me.  As I write the last two sentences it dawns on me that I never have to guess, I really always know.

   When I ponder this question it usually means that "me, my ego, or the committee" is in full session and I do not want to acknowledge that.  It never feels good to have to admit to myself that once again I have pulled a power play mentally and taken back my will and my life.  That is a sign of my illness and of my lack of character in the moment.  All the moments I have allowed The Divine or "What" control are wiped out and I must admit to being crazy one more time......not a fun thing.  The only bright spot in this process is the idea that I will consciously let go of my thought process and let The Light of God spill into my present moment mind.  All this thinking process takes place at the speed of the mind.  From sanity to insanity in one thought.

   As I feel new life rush into me and the old thought and feeling leave, I know that I have returned to that place that some called sobriety.  I prefer to call it "my natural state".  That state of mind which I was at birth or possibly even before.  That perfect "love" feeling and thinking of a newborn child.  This is not only possible on a moment to moment basis, it is  the goal in my life.  

   The one day at a time concept has taken on the meaning of one thought at a time for me.  Life can be fast paced and hectic yet my thinking can always be divinely inspired or controlled, that is my choice.  I can bask in the sunlight of the spirit or listen and feel the abhorrent power of "the committee" which is chaired by a mumbling old politician name "Dr. K."  That mumbling and feeling of powerlessness is truly a maddening feeling and one that I work at to not feel.

   So, to answer the question of this blog; "What" is in charge at this moment and "who" has subjected itself to "What" and is writing this blog item.  "who" knows if and when the process could change but "What" is always up to the occasion.  The concept of "What and who" is as old as man and just for today is resolved in the favor of "What".

   This concept was originally spoken some 50 - 60 yrs ago by Dr. Tom the dentist from Baton Rouge, La.   Thank you Dr. Tom for being.

Love and Light,

richard aka "who" or
ezduzit777 on twitter

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