Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Sponsee's come n go yet their love remains forever!"

     As an active member of this 12 Step fellowship I do and have sponsored many many persons.....especially after nearly 4 decades of being here.  I have seen many come and go and I remember each and every one of them.

     Time is moving along in life and many of my sponsees are older and are even having grandchildren or great grandchildren.  It is such a privilege to watch them grow and become so open, free and happy in life.  Of course this also means that many of them are getting to age as I am that maybe our days on earth are waning.  I feel that a terribly big great part of me moves along when one of them makes their transition.

    Over the years I become so close to my sponsees that I feel a great loss and do have the need to grieve their passing.  I am so privileged to have a 12 Step program to do this in.  The impact is somewhat abated and life is a little easier.  These feelings are totally different from those of a sponsor passing away.

     All 8 of my past sponsors have been an intricate part of my life.  I held and hold them all in very high esteem.  They were and are gentlemen and gentle men.  Of the 8 there are I think 4 still living I think.  These men gave so much of themselves to me over the years and I trust I will never forget that.  That is why I try to give it all back to my sponsees.

     For my loving friend and sponsee Bette who appears to be in her final transition I can only think of the phrase we spoke of so much and felt so deeply about..."...yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for thou art with me."  My life has been so enriched for the last 16 years of your 34 years in this fellowship.  You have made my life seem just a little more complete.  It is said; "love and be loved", you dear Bette are the epitome of that philosophy.  As I travel to say goodbye to you Tuesday I bring a message of ITS eternal love for you.  I just pray that I can find the words and  feelings to let you know this.

Love and Light,

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