Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is there more than the Steps? Of course...

This blog is dedicated to sharing what I have experienced in over 35 years of recovery using the original 12 Step Program and many other thoughts and ideas which were presented to me by The Universe.

In the beginning of my recovered life I like so many thought that the 12 Steps were going to be all that I ever studied or would diligently work with.  As it turned out, those that came before me in these recovery programs left a rich legacy of many things that I was to learn if I would only be "open and receptive" to new thoughts and ideas.

As we move forth in this blogging/sharing effort I hope that many of you will also share your experience, strength and hope with all that read this column.  In particular those items that you have brought into your life to enrich and enlarge your spiritual basis of life.

There will be many that will think that this blog/sharing is not true or even more pointed words than that.  To them I say; "please get a blog and have at it."  You all are strongly encouraged to share on this blog within the guidelines and parameters set forth in the blog rules.

Ok, that's it. The next blog entry will contain thoughts and ideas of what was the very first item that hit my mind that would challenge my "Big Book Thumping Head"......

Love and Light,


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