Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life would be just great except for "Them!"

   Back in the early 1980's I heard a lecture by then Rear Admiral Bobby Inman up his retirement from his current government post.  He was able to articulate his thoughts about just who "them" was and what could or should they mean to us.  What a great great talk. He was truly on target.  His sage advice? His wise counsel?  Of course "them" is "us".  Who would have thought that?  Not me.

   Now many years later I am thinking once again about "them" and what they could or should mean to me.  Of course everything I feel and think is my responsibility and truly begins and ends within me.  It is an inside job and always will be.  It seems that during my current life I can allow my Self to choose to let "me" think that all of my not so nice feelings and thoughts are because of "them".  "Them", pick a person, place or thing.  My little mind known to me as "self or me" loves to help me think that I do not and should not take responsibility for my own feelings and thoughts, why should I?  It is actually "them" that causes those feelings.

   Of course I have learned and know for sure that if I allow "self or me" to rule the thought process I am going to be in troublllllle!!!  I must be "ever vigilante" to not allow that lower self of me to have control or even a small voice.  My true life and mature feelings as an adult come solely from that Power Greater than myself" some call it God, others call IT by many other names, I choose to call It "IT".

   As soon as I recognize the fact that I am once again blaming, judging, criticizing those that I think are causing my problem, I must at once look deep within Me to find "that still small voice" of reason and love.  IT is what that voice is.  I do not have to be in the lotus position nor on top a mountain to "go within"....that still small voice is readily accessible and actually at my beck and call.  I just need the proper motive, such as I do not like insanity in my life anymore.  It is not good for me nor others around me. So I need to not only seek IT deep within me, I also need to remove the word "them" from my vocabulary at that time.  This dual action by me ensures that relief from "my" thinking will come quickly.

   So it would seem that Mr. Inman was correct.  It is not "them" out there anywhere" that causes my pain and suffering, it is "me or self" that does.  And still true today is that "I, IT, Self" will in fact relieve me of the burden of what I perceive is "them being the root of all my problems".

Love and Light,

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  1. Sometimes, as much as you try not to let other people get to you, it just isn't easy. I do make a concsious effort to not allow another persons words or behaviour get to me or have any impact on my happiness; however, sometimes people just make me so angry!! But I have made enormous changes within myself and know that "they" don't have any power over me. I chose my feelings and thoughts and actions. I am reminded by God when I need to check myself!! And I do. Thanks for the link to your site!! It is very good.